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Click top right corner to view full-page map, click on icon on the top left for a full list. Zoom in to each resort to see where each skier death occurred on the mountain, and click on the skier/snowboarder icon to learn more about the participant who died on the slopes.

Colorado’s most popular ski resorts are carved out of our public lands. Breckenridge, Keystone and Vail Mountain — to name the big three — all pay millions in fees to the U.S. Forest Service for the privilege of operating highly profitable concessions there. Despite that, these businesses largely operate in secret when it comes to vital public safety information.

The Summit Daily produced “Whiteout,” a three-part series, to explore the systemic lack of transparency surrounding accidental ski deaths. Using coroner’s office documents across 16 counties, we were able to piece together a database of 137 skier deaths over the past 10 years. The information shines new light on the nature of these tragedies.

Anatomy of a ski death
The damage done