2017 Best Of Summit Wedding winners

Best Caterer

  1. Food Hedz World Cafe
  2. Arapahoe Cafe & Pub Down Under
  3. Gilchrist Catering

Best Florist/Flower Shop

  1. Petal & Bean
  2. Little Flower Shop
  3. Bloom Flower Shop

Best Jewelry Store

  1. Summit Gold Jewelry
  2. Cool Inside
  3. Firenze Jewelry & Appraisal

Best Photographer

  1. Meigan Canfield
  2. Timothy Faust
  3. Emily Schmutz

Best Wedding Planner

  1. Petal & Bean
  2. Meredith Smith
  3. Erica Bull

Best Wedding Venue

  1. Black Mountain Lodge at Arapahoe Basin
  2. The Lodge at Breckenridge
  3. Silverthorne Pavilion


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